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We are "the bands of Seymour" – variety cover bands based in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. – and rooted in good ol' rock & roll.

OK, we're of a certain age. Two of us (Frogz and JD) cut our teeth in 1960's Portland-area garage bands – namely, the "Southmen" and the "Music Box." Then at the end of 1969, we went on to found Portland's original Seymour band, which gigged extensively in the local and surrounding areas until early 1972 (even opened for the Grateful Dead at a University of Portland event). Nineteen years later, we re-launched the band after a fun "reunion gig" at the same University, and we've been at it ever since!

We currently have two active "standard band configurations" available for hire:

Seymour Express – our trio – consists of:

The trio is our compact and economical band configuration. Carlee, Frogz, and JD are accompanied by "George" – our pre-programmed rhythm section, produced by the elves at SeymourLabs™.

Or better yet, you can upgrade to Seymour & Smith – our full five-piece combo, which brings more song variety and vocal richness to the party, along with the live rhythm section. The additional musicians rounding out Seymour & Smith are:

Once in a while, when Carlee is out of town or busy, "just the guys" do gigs as "Seymour, the band." And if both Carlee and "one of the guys" are unavailable on a date, we can bring in a substitute musician or two, and book the combo as "Seymour & Company."

Each ensemble brings its own unique flavor. Talk to us about your requirements and we'll put together the perfect set list for your gig.

To book us, request a promo pack, or subscribe to our email list, use the Contact Seymour link at the top of this page.

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